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math certificate for career advancementWhy Invest in a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics?

Many graduates discover that a bachelor’s degree is sufficient to get their foot in the door, but career advancement is thwarted without graduate coursework. For example, a biology major may get an internship in epidemiology, but without a graduate level certificate or master’s degree in mathematics, it will be difficult for that person to get hired as an epidemiologist. Likewise, an employee with an undergraduate degree in atmospheric sciences might get hired for an entry-level position at a weather station, but it will be difficult to advance as a meteorologist without deeper knowledge of mathematics.

You may not be able to pursue a master’s degree at this point, but you may easily tackle a graduate certificate while working your full-time job. The graduate certificate in mathematics was designed with this student in mind. The coursework has practical applications for many career paths, and the schedule accommodates the busy schedule of a working professional.

What Careers are Enhanced by this Certificate?

The graduate certificate in mathematics provides the deep math knowledge necessary to transform an undergraduate degree into a highly marketable degree for the following career paths:

What Job Opportunities are Available in These Fields

Explore job descriptions and forecasting to see what education and experience employers require for a wide variety of positions in each of the following fields:

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