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Mathematical skills are in high demand. Getting advanced training in mathematics equips you for a rewarding career in fields like education or engineering.

An increasing number of employers and government agencies rely on mathematical optimization, modeling, and analytics. Courses at NC State cover topics directly relevant to these mathematical challenges, from computational methods and approximation to abstraction, analysis, and cryptography. Our graduates hold positions in all levels of academia, in governmental agencies like the NSA, in national laboratories, and in the private sector.

Mathematics Career Options

What kinds of jobs are available to those with a graduate certificate or a master’s degree in mathematics?


Instructors typically:

  • Inspire and motivate their students by discussing exciting applications and new developments such the use of linear algebra in search engines or the impact of Fourier analysis on signal processing.
  • Explore and teach through multiple approaches including lectures, interactive learning activities, discussions, and hands-on projects.
  • Prepare lessons and adapt instructional materials to suit their students’ needs and learning styles.


Engineers typically:

  • Solve problems through modeling and computational methods.
  • Find practical solutions to engineering problems through mathematical theories.
  • Develop mathematical analysis models.
  • Analyse data utilizing computational models.
  • Encourage and motivate students to improve academic performance.

A graduate certificate or Master of Mathematics degree equips you to stand out in this highly competitive and rapidly growing industry.

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Upcoming Deadlines

Certificate Programs

  • Apply by November 25th for Spring
  • Apply by March 25th for Summer I
  • Apply by May 10th for Summer II
  • Apply by June 25th for Fall

Applications may be considered past the deadline as space permits.

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Tuition and fee information for the upcoming semester can be found on NC State's Online and Distance Education site. Current students may find their information on the Cashier's Office & Student Accounts website.

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